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What Items Are Banned on Cruises? Get the Facts before You Pack

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There are prohibited items for cruises that are not allowed on cruise ships, similar to flights. Some examples are illegal drugs and weapons, which are clearly prohibited. According to Scott Campbell, Manager of Cruise Relations at AAA, told USA Today, cruise lines have lists of items that are not allowed on board, which may include ordinary things that people wouldn’t expect. Not being aware of these rules while packing can lead to travel troubles, such as having your belongings taken away.

Don’t bring these things with you, but the rules may be different depending on the cruise line.

prohibited items for cruises

What things can’t you bring on a cruise?

Cabins on cruise ships may only have a few outlets, but passengers cannot bring power strips
with surge protectors. They must utilize power strips approved for cruise ships.

Firearms and items that resemble them, like gun-shaped novelty lighters, are strictly prohibited.
Passengers should also avoid sharp objects like knives and scissors, except for certain
exceptions. You can carry personal grooming items like safety razors. CBD products,fireworks,
and hover boards are among the items that are generally prohibited from being brought on

Can I bring food on a cruise?

Yes, you can bring some snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for personal consumption on a
cruise, but it’s essential to check the specific policies of the cruise line you’ll be traveling with.

Can I bring alcohol on a cruise?

You cannot bring beer or hard liquor on board, but you can bring wine or champagne to drink
while sailing. Royal Caribbean International allows each adult passenger to bring one sealed
750-milliliter bottle of wine per cruise. They do not allow to keep boxed wine and other
containers. If you buy alcohol on board or in a port, or bring more than one bottle on board,
day, the ship will store it safely and return it to you on the last day of the cruise.

Days spent at sea during a cruise” Campbell cautioned that cruise passengers might have to pay
an additional fee if they prefer to enjoy their own wine or champagne at a restaurant on the
ship instead of their room. For instance, Carnival Cruise Line charges $15 for each 750-milliliter
bottle if guests want to drink it in the main dining room, specialty restaurant, or bar, as stated
on their website. Passengers have full permission to bring nonalcoholic drinks like soda on
board, but the rules differ depending on the cruise line.

What happens if I bring anything that’s forbidden?

If you don’t know something they do not allow or forget it’s in your bag, don’t worry. Usually,
They will take the item away and give it back to you after your trip. Campbell said it’s a good
idea to look up what you can’t bring before you go on your trip. You can find this information
on the cruise line’s website or ask your travel agent.

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